The non-profit company AENAOS THALASSA did not choose its name on chance. The word Thalassa (sea) denotes the main area we focus and act on. It is the subject we address and strive to protect, the sea.

Never forgetting that the marine environment constitutes an unbreakable sum, we aim our actions and interventions at the Euro-Mediterranean level, emphasizing more particularly on initiatives in Greece.

The word Aenaos (perpetual) was chosen to highlight the importance of a long-term, consistent approach in our strategy.

Sustainability is an inelastic requirement for any growth model, via a harmonious and two-way beneficial co-existence of humans and ecosystems and the replication of good practices by way of example.

AENAOS THALASSA, Perpetual Sea, also conveys the infinity of the marine environment… all fragile ecosystems and endangered species that we wish to protect, the islands and local communities, the people who make a living out of the sea, the marine protected areas, but also the holistic and continuous effort we intend to make for the conservation of the most important natural resource of our planet.g