The protection of the marine environment is a multifactorial goal requiring mutual understanding, cooperation and networking between many different actors.

At AENAOS Thalassa:

  • We support synergies between organizations, initiatives, scientific, institutional, or other entities that share common visions and commitments for a fair and sustainable development, with the primary goal of preserving marine and coastal ecosystems.
  • At the same time, we seek to maximize public awareness, mainly on coastal and islandic areas, in order to strengthen their participatory and bottom-up management ensuring that economic growth does not undermine marine stocks.
  • We support scientific research, collaborate with the academic community, and promote its interconnection with the development of a healthy, sustainable and fair entrepreneurship steadily focused to the preservation of the marine environment.
  • Based on the above, we seek to develop good examples on a small scale, by creating a toolkit of actions and initiatives that can be replicated and used in a wider context.